Community Engagement

Grand Prize - 3Rs Community Engagement   

New for 2018!   A grand prize of $1000 will be awarded to one school in each province/territory who best embraces the reduce and reuse objectives of the 2018 Plastic Bag Grab Challenge and best communicates their action to reduce plastic waste in their school community.

Prize: $1,000 (1 per province/territory)

Social Media Prize 

Awarded to schools that post creative and educational photos or videos to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using #PlasticBagGrab. A team of judges will determine winners based on the entries that best showcase the school’s commitment to promoting the 3Rs.

Prize: $500 (per province/territory)

Need some inspriation? Here are some ideas:

  • Interview your municipality and get information about plastic bag waste in your community. Possible questions:
    • Are plastic bags accepted in our municipal recycling program?
    • Are there any initiatives that take action to reduce plastic bag waste?
    • How many plastic bags are used in our municipality each year?
    • How can we reduce the amount of plastic in our community?
  • Expand plastic bag reduction to the rest of the community by implementing initiatives that encourage your community to reduce bags. In 2016 St. Marguerite d’Youville Catholic Elementary School continued plastic bag awareness throughout the year by starting the “Say No” campaign within their community in Hamilton, ON. 

  • Create awareness by making a public installation or artwork using reused plastic bags.
  • Host a school event and invite parents, local organizations, and government to celebrate your school’s involvement in waste reduction.
  • Create lesson plans and activities and share them on social media to help other schools educate on the 3Rs.
  • Create posters explaining how to reduce, reuse, and recycling bags in your community. 
  • Create videos such as Public Service Announcements and 'How To'
  • Visit local retailers and encourage them to take action on plastic bag waste. Initiatives include: plastic bag levies and promoting reusable bags. 
  • Challenge your classroom, school, or community to go plastic-free for an entire week. Reward those who choose reusable items instead of single-use. 
  • Take a pledge to reduce single-use plastics as a school, community, or individual. 

Make sure to catch everything on camera and share on social media using the hashtag #PlasticBagGrab by May 4. 

Community Engagement Highlights

Chiganois Elementary in Debert, Nova Scotia demonstrate the link between humans and the environement.

Chiganois Elementary in Debert, Nova Scotia demonstrate the link between humans and the environement.

Elmsdale District School in Ensdale, Nova Scotia knows the 3Rs will help save the world. 

Teachers at Rankin School of Narrows in Iona, Nova Scotia incorporated the Plastic Bag Grab challenge into school curriculum. 

O'leary Elementary in O'leary, PEI took part in an exciting recycling challenge the week of April 18, 2016. 

Students at St. Mary's Catholic School in Beaverlodge, Alberta help make the sky blue with their recycling efforts.

Students at Yorkhill Elementary in Vaughn, Ontario discover what it's like to swim in plastic.  


Yo So Eco Loco



Say No to Plastic

Some helpful tips on how to manage plastics waste from Emerson Elementary School


A grade 5 student at Red Bluff reached out to a local grocery store about plastic bag waste, and thanks to her the store is now charging a 5 cent plastic bag fee. She also went to the Mayor's office to spread the word and is now getting ready to present to city council.