2016 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Plastic Bag Grab challenge!

Social Media Prize

@HighviewPS and @AllisonKCarroll from Pembroke, Ontario win the inaugural Plastic Bag Grab challenge social media prize!

New School Environmental Initiatives

Check out what new environmental initatives winning schools have implemented.  Is your school a winner of the 2016 challenge? We want to hear about your new initatives/projects so we can post them to this page! Send us an email pbg@rco.on.ca

Riverside Elementary School in Albert Bridge, Nova Scotia purchased a water bottle refill station. The machine counts the amount of water bottles prevented through the use of reusable bottles. Using this station reduces the use of single-use bottles by 1,500 water bottles per month!


Eliot River Elementary School in Cornwall, P.E.I. installed six solar panels that can power two classrooms (left) and installed new LED lighting in the school lobby (right). 

In the media: CBC News article, CBC Compass story (13 minutes in)


O' Leary Elementary School installed a 'Buddy Bench' on its school yard, which is made from 97% recycled materials! This spring, the school also plans on planting trees around the bench for shade.