Life Cycle of a Plastic Bag Video

Appropriate plastic use following the 3Rs hierarchy is a pivotal part of the educational aspects of the Plastic Bag Grab challenge. To help students understand the complexity of the issue, we have created a fun animated video that illustrates the bag's entire life cycle.

10,000 Changes Plastic Education Videos

Recycling Council of Ontario has partnered with Canadian Geographic on a plastic engagement program called 10,000 Changes. The program offers seven learning modules that explore key themes and concepts connected with plastic use and waste.  Each learning module includes a lesson plan, infographic, and video. 

7 Types of Plastic

Hidden Plastics

The Plastic We Eat

Waste Not, Want Not

Sea of Plastic

BioCollection Technology for Recycling Plastic

Circular Economy

Other videos

How We Can Keep Plastics Out of Our Ocean - National Geographic

Plastic Pollution: The Plastic Bag Impact

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Plastic Ocean - United Nations

How It's Made - Plastic Bags

Plastic Bag and Film Recycling

How Plastic Bags Get Recycled