2020 Registration - Take Action on Plastics Waste!

This registration form is for schools/classrooms that will be learning how to take action on plastic waste and not collecting plastic bags for recycling. If your school will be collecting plastic bags, please fill out this form.


Ce formulaire d'inscription est pour les écoles / salles de classe qui apprendront à agir sur les déchets plastiques et non à collecter des sacs en plastique pour le recyclage. Si votre école collecte des sacs, veuillez remplir ce formulaire.

Step 1. Your contact information
Important: Please remember the contact information entered in this section. Your contact information will be required again when submitting your results. Only pre-registered schools are eligible to receive prizes for this challenge.
Step 2. Your school's information
The Plastic Bag Grab challenge is now open to both elementary and secondary schools across Canada.
If participating as an entire school please enter your school enrolment.
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