Plastic Bag Grab challenge

Plastic Bag Grab challenge is back for 2018!

Information on this year's campaign coming soon. 



How the Plastic Bag Grab challenge works

  • Students collect as many carry out plastic shopping bags as they can and bring them to school from Monday, May 29 to Friday, June 2.  
  • Count all the bags your school has collected and take a fun picture for your final submission.  
  • Using your registration information, log-in and submit your results at, which includes a photo of your collected plastic bags
  • Bring your plastic bags to your local Walmart's customer service area for recycling 
  • All bags collected will be processed and used to make new products! 
  • Elementary schools from across Canada are challenged to collect as many plastic bags as they can for recycling from Monday, May 29 to Friday, June 2. Schools that collect the most plastic bags for recycling per student and/or show their enthusiasm for the challenge and its message on social media, are eligible to win prizes to support environmental initiatives in their school or community.