Plastic Bag Grab challenge

Plastic Bag Grab is back again for 2017!

Last year, 419 schools across Canada participated in the challenge and collected more than 2 million plastic bags, which were recycled into small pellets and used to make a variety of new products.

The challenge is back again this year for Earth month. Please stay tuned for important dates and information!

2016 Results

Social Media Prize

@HighviewPS and @AllisonKCarroll from Pembroke, Ontario win the inaugural Plastic Bag Grab challenge social media prize!

Winning Schools By Province

Thank you to all the schools for participating!

Is your school a 2016 winner? We want to hear about your new environmental projects/initiatives! Send us an email


How the Plastic Bag Grab challenge works

Elementary schools from across Canada are challenged to collect as many plastic bags as they can for recycling during Earth Week. Top schools in each province and territory that collect the most plastic bags for recycling are eligible to win cash prizes that can be used for schools’ environmental initiatives! 

Prizes per province
First place $3,000                       
Second place $2,000
Third place  $1,000

We also want you to share your efforts with the world: a special BONUS prize of $2,500 will be awarded to the school that most creatively shows off their school spirit and collection efforts on social media with #PlasticBagGrab

  • Students collect as many carry out plastic shopping bags as they can and bring them to school throughout Earth Week 
  • Count all the bags your school has collected and take a fun picture for your final submission.  
  • Using your registration information, log-in and submit your results at, which includes a photo of your collected plastic bags
  • Bring your plastic bags to your local Walmart's customer service area for recycling 
  • All bags collected will be processed and used to make new products!